Chamomile Flowers: As soothing as a summer lawn and as sweet as nectar, these whole chamomile flowers create a sense of well-being and an infusion that is both relaxing and soporific ... yawn! £2.90

Peppermint Herb: Gleaned from the original herbal almanac of health giving infusions, we offer you this intensely refreshing experience steeped in the essential oils of Peppermint. £2.90.

Decaf Ceylon B.O.P.: A good old reliable and satisfying everyday cuppa from the 'Island of Tea', the Ceylon 'Broken Orange Pekoe' is full-flavoured and full of character, 'B' is for broken the size of the leaf; 'O' is for Orange the Royal Dutch House and 'P' is for Pekoe - Chinese for the down on a new-born infant. £3.30

Bouquet Royale: This caffeine free fruit tea is perhaps the Pot Pourri of the Tisane world, a really fruity full flavoursome blousey little number, billowing with juicy scented aromas. £3.30

Rooibos: Grown in the western cape of south Africa, the oxidised leaves produce the distinctive reddish-brown colour of rooibos and enhances the flavour. A caffeine free invigorating drink. £2.90

Turkish Apple Tea: a sweet and tangy, full flavoured apple tea drink. Excellent hot as a warming toddy on a rainy day , or thirst quenchingly delicious when served cold and iced in summer. £3.30


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