Green Gunpowder: This green tea from the Zhejiang Province of China undergoes a process of steaming & withering rather than being fermented like Black Tea. The resultant brew is delicate, straw-coloured liquor, very low in caffeine. Beware though of those little rolled up balls of tea, the size of lead shot - hence the name, they can expand to the size of spinach leaves in the pot! £2.90

Japanese Cherry: Indulge in your own tea ceremony with this, the classic flavoured green tea from Japan. The aroma alone is enough to take you on a transport of delight, wafting you off to the cherry blossom festivals, the harbingers of spring so central to Japanese culture. £3.30

Jasmine Flowers: This fine traditional Chinese delicacy, takes some of the finest green tea leaves & withers them together with the actual Jasmine flowers to produce a totally natural fusion that has the heady scent of Jasmine and yet the lightness of a beautiful green tea. £3.30

Matcha: Finest Japanese green tea picked at a time specifically to optimise its health benefits. We mix the high grade crushed leaf powder with hot water, making a drink high in antioxidants which is said to boost metabolism and reduce cholesterol whilst promoting relaxation.  £3.30

Gen Msi Cha: Originally this was the ‘Poor Man’s Green Tea’ bulking up the precious leaves with the ubiquitous grains of rice, rather like the French adding chicory to their coffee in times of austerity. There’s nothing gimmicky or cheap however about the high quality of green tea used in this traditional blend which with a light sprinkling of puffed rice gives the tea a hay-loft warm aroma of straw-like sweetness. £3.40


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