Darjeeling O.P.: This beautiful fresh first flush Darjeeling leaf is know as ‘The champagne of teas’ due to its delicate grape-skin taste. A harmonious, delicately balanced tea that will delight the senses of the more sensitive taste buds. Its light, fluffy and gently refreshing. £3.40

Pai Mu Tan: The largest leaf of the White China Teas, with its own sumptuous milkiness & silky texture best enjoyed with nothing added but a brief pause. This is the most unprocessed, unoxidised classification of teas. You can see the fine bloom of white still on the leaves. It produces a pleasant and refreshing fragrance and light, bright liquor. £3.40

Formosa Oolong: Oolong originated from - and is a speciality of - the Formosa mountains in Taiwan.  Revered in China as a tea to cause relaxation and inspiration in the drinker, with many Chinese poetry and literary works written over a pot of this mildly aromatic and wildly curled leaf tea. £3.40

Pu Erh: Pu-Erh or Pu-er teas are teas whose leaves are re-hydrated after fermentation, to enable a second fermentation. After production, these teas are stores in cool cellars or buried in the ground for one or more years. The dark to light brown Sinensis leaf develops a strong, spicy and earthy taste – depending on the brewing time – an earthy and woody flavour. £3.40


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