The warm weather has inspired us to create a range of refreshing iced drinks to help you cool down and relax. Choose a fruity little iced tea number or a stimulating iced coffee. Perfect for sipping in the sun and watching the world go by.
Iced teas
Vanilla Peach Iced Tea – the perfect combination of peach and black vanilla tea give a sweet delicious iced drink
Minted apple iced tea – a refreshing cooling taste of summer with the caffeine kick of our very own tea hive tea!
Strawberry refresher – spring in a glass - this quenching combination of strawberry and kiwi tea is perfect served on ice.
Sparkling lemon & lime iced tea – Tea hive black tea blended into a tangy citrus spritzer
Iced Chai latte – our lightly spiced chai tea works perfectly as a creamy luxurious cold latte

Iced Coffees
Iced latte – creamy and smooth iced coffee
Flavoured iced latte - choice from any of our luxury syrups to add a twist to your creamy iced latte – 40p per syrup
Iced Mocha – luxury Belgium chocolate drops combined with our silky iced latte

£2.65 TO £3.10

Aeropress over ice


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