All of our coffees are made with 2 shots of our House espresso blend. We constantly taste, test and tweak our espresso blend to ensure a smooth fully bodied shot which gives a perfect espresso and milk based coffee. Please ask our baristas for details of our current beans.


Espresso - £2.10 double / Macchiato - £2.10


Americano - 8oz £2.35, 10oz £2.35


Cappuccino – 8oz £2.40, 10oz £2.80


Flat White – double strength shot topped with hot milk - 8oz £2.55


Latte – a mellow creamy drink made with 2 shots, can be served with 1 shot on request – 10oz £2.80


Mocha – our creamy hot chocolate infused with a shot of espresso – 10oz £3.10


Hot Chocolate – Tea Hive homemade special blend hot chocolate, mixed to perfection with warm milk for a smooth comforting drink.



Nutella Hot Chocolate – Tea Hive hot chocolate expertly blended with rich nutella for an indulgent treat



Chai Tea Latte - We blend our carefully selected chai tea leaves with steamed milk and honey to create the perfect spiced drink



Matcha Latte – High quality Japanese green tea with healing properties and health benefits served as a creamy latte



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