Brewing methods

Espresso bar
Our espresso-based coffees are based on traditional espresso to milk or water ratios using our house blend Thalia on our Sanremo Machine.
V60 brewing
The Hario V60 is a traditional brewing method using a filter and filter papers. The time taken to expertly pour the water to mix and extract flavour notes from your preferred bean is what makes this brewing method a firm favourite with baristas. The amount of water, the weight of the grind and the time taken to pour the water are integral to the perfect cup.  It’s a superb way to explore a variety of coffees and to better understand the principles of coffee making. A relaxing way to drink coffee, taking your time to extract delicate flavours and aromas.

A modern brewing method designed to give a quick, clean, no fuss and very drinkable coffee. The coffee is steeped in water and then forced through a filter using air pressure, extracting more flavour in a shorter brewing time This creates a coffee of very different flavours to an espresso based coffee or a v60. The method is similar to both, the coffee being created under pressure but the shorter brew time extracts different tasting notes from each blend pressed.

French Press
We also brew our coffee using one of the simplest coffee making methods available: French Press, aka Plunger and Cafetière.


House blend
We brew our custom espresso blend, Thaila on our Sanremo Machin. It is  blended to provide a full-bodied shot which holds its own in milk or sits comfortably by itself. This blend is continually tweaked throughout the year, celebrating the seasonal changes as new coffees come in. This allows greater consistency as coffees are selected to complement each other’s qualities.  Currently, Thalia is made up of 80% Guatemalan Santa Rosa and 20% Harrar Cheffe Jenata. It has a lovely balance of acidity and sweetness providing notes of citrus, blackberry and vanilla.
'Generally reflecting our house style of using a smooth, sweet Central American for the over-arching bridge of the blend, we allow our lovely Sumatra Inara Farm coffee to supply the deeper foundations with plenty of body underneath, then we play with the top notes of fruity, floral ethical Ethiopians to really ring the changes.' J. Atkinson + Co, Tea Hive coffee supplier

Single origins
We run featured single original blends, which change frequently, picked to highlight the flavour profiles of a particular estates. Allowing for a great exploration of region, climate, aspect, processing and roasting, this is a fantastic way to experience how these characteristics affect taste. Please check with our barista for the daily selection of single origin coffee beans and the preferred brewing methods.


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