Tea Hive Blend: A local Lancaster breakfast blend of African, Indian and Ceylon teas, robust enough to rival our Yorkshire neighbours more famous brew. The perfect traditional afternoon cuppa. - £2.40

Assam Blend: From the Assam Valley in North-eastern India, this hearty tea is The Original Assam Blend from the "Grasshopper Tea Warehouse", opened in 1837 by Thomas Atkinson to provide the good citizens of Lancaster with a high quality but cheaper alternative to the London suppliers of the day.  - £2.80

Earl Grey: A classic black china tea scented with a dash of oil from the citrus fruit bergamot for that discreetly distinctive and refreshing sensation. This vital ingredient and a recipe for success, so legend has it, was presented to the second Earl Grey by an envoy on his return from China. This light tea, pale gold in colour, is anything but grey on the eye or palate. - £2.90

Rose Petal: Another classic scented tea. Red rose petals are layered with tea leaves during the production process to achieve just the right balance of flowery sweetness and a hearty tannin kick! Perfection in a cup - to be drunk unadorned or with a dash of milk if you must. £2.90

Lychee Tea: This tea is infused with freshly squeezed juice of ripe lychees after fermentation. The fine leaf develops a fruity, sweet taste in the cup with a mild note of smoky tea. £2.90

Almond: An unadulterated afternoon delight. Blended on a base of a high quality large leaf China tea this traditional combination is hard to beat for sheer indulgence. £2.90

Black Chai: The original spicy comfort drink wreathed in a rich concoction of intense flavours for a full-on taste sensation. Ingredients: Black Tea, Aniseed, Cinnamon, Ginger, Black Pepper. £3.30

Russian Caravan: Stoke up the Samovar and enjoy this fine quality blend of Chinese and Indian black teas including some smoky Lapsang Souchong with a trail of woodsmoke winding through it. £3.30

Lapsang Souchong: With a large leaf and a hefty smokey tang, this no-nonsense tea from the Fujian Province of China takes no prisoners on the taste front. Brew lightly to create a surprisingly refreshing tea and although it's definitely an acquired taste, it's one well-worth getting to know £3.30

Blue Sky Earl Grey: With the addition of pink grapefruit and the embellishment of delicate decorative Blue Cornflower petals this cheery 'Recession-busting' refreshment won the hearts of the judges at North West Fine Food who gave it a Gold Medal on its first outing into the wider world. £3.30


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